The purpose of the Geotechnical Society is to:

GeoSociety Officers


Wencheng Jin

Vice President

Fernando P.Ramirez


Yue Xu

Lab Manager

Sangy Hanumasagar

Lab Manager

Rodrigo B.Valente

Social Chair

Mahdi Roozbahani

Social Chair

Boyoung Jeong

Robnett Library Database

The following spreadsheet allows the user to search specific fields (author, title and year) in the Robnett Library Database. 

To perform a search:

- Download the file and open it in Excel (i.e. right click the link and select "Save target as").
- You will need to enable macros when opening the file
- Press the SEARCH button (RED)
- Mark the check boxes of the desired search fields (Author and/or Title and/or Year)
- Fill in each of the selected fields (starting from the leftmost box)
- Click on Search

Right Click here to download the Robnett Library Database File (199 KB .zip file)