In-Situ Testing Group

PI: Dr. Paul W. Mayne

Current Grad Students:
Dr. Fawad S. Niazi, Post-Doc
Zhongkun Ouyang
Bruno di Buo
Juha Selanpaa

Former Grad Students:
Aaron Geiger                            Austin Nall
Taeseo Ku, PhD                       Fawad S. Niazi, PhD
Fernando Illingworth                 Nick Meloy
Alec McGillivray, PhD              Kelly Sak
Mark Quinn                             Craig Wise
Joan M. Larrahondo, PhD        Kate (Wehrle) Aguilar
Fikret Atalay                            Susan E. Burns, PhD
Brian Lawrence, PE                 Randy Pool
Guillermo Zavala                      Stewart Garcia
Billy Camp                               Hoda Kablawi
Pilar Soler-Arnal                      Barry Shiyo Chen, PhD
Ali Boga                                  Scott Thomson
Tracey Hendren                       Kate Mayer
James Schneider, PhD             Jamie Beaver
Tianfei Liao, PhD                     Doug Brown
Tom Casey                              Dean Harris
Gina (Kates) Martin                 JoDee Celes
Yasser Hegazy, PhD                 Dan Blaydes
Tyler Wood,PhD                 Meena Viswanath
Shehab Wissa Agaiby, PhD                 Kimberly (Finke) Morrison



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Soil Liquefaction Research








The Synthesis 368 on Cone Penetration Testing (2007) has been published by the National Academies.  The manual is available from the Transporation Research Board by order at:

Or download PDF version from:


    Liquefaction Response of Soils by CPT
    Vibrocone Penetrometer for Evaluating Liquefaction Potential
    Electro-Vibrocone for Evaluation of Soil Liquefaction Potential
    MAE REPORT CD 03:  "Soil Liquefaction Response In Mid-America Evaluated By Seismic Piezocone Tests" James A. Schneider and Paul W. Mayne (2000).
    Soil Liquefaction by Alisha Kaplan

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  CPT Testing

   Data available for ANSS sites in Memphis Area
   ESEE and ANSS stations testing, Arkansas and Tennessee (November 2002, June 2003)
   Sites close to St. Francis River, Dudley, Missouri (near Dexter, MO) (June 2001)... A. McGillivray, T. Liao and G. Zavala
   Meramec River, St. Louis, Missouri (June 2001)... Alec McGillivray, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala
   Sites near Memphis, Tennessee (June 2001)... Alec McGillivray, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala
   Hillhouse Farm, Wyatt, Missouri (March 2001)... Alec McGillivray, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala
   Nodena Farm, Wilson, Arkansas (March 2001)... Alec McGillivray, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala
   Spring Villa NGES, Opelika, Alabama (Sept. 2000)... Alec McGillivray, Jeff Smith and Guillermo Zavala
   Wolf River  Memphis, Tennessee (August 2000)... Billy Camp, Tianfei. Liao and Guillermo Zavala.
   Toby Walker Farm in Marked Tree, Arkansas (July 2000)... Alec McGillivray,  Tianfei. Liao and Guillermo Zavala
   Liquefaction Analysis in Mud Island, Memphis, TN (March 2000)...B. Camp, T. Liao, A. McGillivray and G. Zavala

  Drilled Shafts and CPT evaluations

   Evaluation of EURIPIDES pile load tests response from CPT data ... Fawad S. Niazi and Paul W. Mayne
   Case history of axial pile capacity and load-settlement response by SCPTu ... F.S. Niazi & P.W. Mayne, D.J. Woeller
   Evaluating Axial Elastic Pile Response from Cone Penetration Tests ... Paul W. Mayne and Fawad S. Niazi
   Drilled Shaft O-Cell Response at Golden Ears Bridge from Seismic Piezocone Tests ... Fawad S. Niazi, Paul W. Mayne and David J. Woeller
   Review of CPT-Based Methods for Response Evaluation of Driven Piles in Dense Sands ... Fawad S. Niazi, Paul W. Mayne and David J. Woeller
   Evaluating Axial Elastic Pile Response from Cone Penetration Tests ... Paul W. Mayne and Fawad S. Niazi
   Axial Drilled Shaft & CPT Evaluations for Coweta County Bridge, Georgia ...Tom Casey, Paul Mayne and Alec McGillivray
   Axial Drilled Shaft & CPT Evaluations for Opelika NGES, Alabama ...Paul Mayne and James Schneider
   Drilled Shafts and CPT Evaluations for the GDOT Viaduct at International Blvd and CNN by Zavala and Mayne (215 KB pdf)

  Seismic Dilatometer

   SDMTs and SCPTus at Amherst NGES, Massachusetts... Yasser Hegazy, Paul Mayne and Gina Kates Martin

  Shear Wave Velocity Measurements

   Automatic Seismic Source for shear wave velocity measurements (AUTOSEIS)
   Downhole shear wave velocity (Powerpoint animation / jpeg file )
   Crosshole shear wave velocity (Powerpoint animation / jpeg file)
   Seismic Refraction (Powerpoint animation / jpeg file (1/2) jpeg (2/2)

CPT Rig in Sweden (click for enlarged picture)

  In-Situ Testing...

   In-Situ testing devices
   CPTu powerpoint animation 
   Geotechnical Site Characterization by Cone Penetration Testing (2.73 MB Powerpoint Presentation)
   SCPTu for Seismic Ground Hazards
   SCPTu for Soil Properties determination
   DMT testing at Charlotte, NC

Research Projects Involving Plasma Magmavication of Geomaterials

    Plasma Magmavication of Geologic Materials
    Remediation of Buried Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Surrogate Wastes by In-Situ Plasma Magmavication
    In-Situ Plasma Remediation of Contaminated Soils


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