Seismic CPT Soundings at Meramec River sites, St Louis, Missouri (June 2001)

PI: Dr. Paul W. Mayne
GRAs: Alec McGillivray, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala

Acknowledgments:   This testing funded by the U.S. Geological Survey and Mid-America Earthquake Center. We would like to thank David Hoffman and Houda Jadi for coordinating the visit to the sites.

On June 20-21, 2001, four CPT soundings were performed at two paleoliquefaction sites on the banks of the Meramec River near St. Louis, Missouri.The two sites include one near Route US 61/67 and another near Route MO 21.



Location maps

General Location
MR25W - Meramec River near US 61/67 at St. Louis (soundings Mer01 and Mer02)
MR203 - Meramec River near MO 21 at St. Louis (soundings Mer03 and Mer04)

Results of the soundings

Mer01    Mer02   Mer03    Mer04


Complete Data of Soundings in zipped Excel Worksheets - 549 KB

GIF files showing the results of the 4 soundings - 116 KB


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