Seismic Cone Testing at Paleoliquefaction Walker Site
New Madrid Seismic Zone, Marked Tree, Arkansas

PI: Dr. Paul W. Mayne
  Tianfei Liao, Alec McGillivray and Guillermo Zavala

Acknowledgments:   This testing funded by the U.S. Geological Survey and Mid-America Earthquake Center.   The help of Martitia Tuttle, Laurel Clark, and Buddy Schweig is appreciated. We will also like to thank Toby Walker for providing unlimited access to the test site.

This is a paleoliquefaction site under current study by Martitia Tuttle, Laurel Clark, and Buddy Schweig.   Evidence of liquefaction by presence of sand dikes has been investigated by geologists using trenching & mapping methods.  Several series of vertical resistivity piezocone soundings were conducted in linear arrays away from two large dikes found at the property.

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Testing in the middle of Toby Walker Farm cotton crop at Marked Tree, AR

Location of test site

Results of the soundings

Mtree01    Mtree02     Mtree03    Mtree04     Mtree05    Mtree06     Mtree07    Mtree08    

Mtree09    Mtree10     Mtree11    Mtree12     Mtree13    Mtree14  



Complete Data of Soundings in zipped Excel Worksheets - 1.87 MB

GIF files showing the results of the 14 soundings - 391 KB


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