Seismic CPT Soundings at Wolf River in Memphis, Tennessee (July 2000)

PI: Dr. Paul W. Mayne
GRAs: Billy Camp, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala

Acknowledgments:   This testing funded by the U.S. Geological Survey and Mid-America Earthquake Center.   The help of Professors Steve Obermeier and Roy van Arsdale is appreciated.

On July 9-10, 2000, seven  CPT soundings were performed along the bank of Wolf river in non-liquefaction and marginal liquefaction sites.


truckwolf.jpg (26349 bytes)


Location of test site

Results of the soundings

Wolf1    Wolf2    Wolf3    Wolf4     Wolf5    Wolf6     Wolf7



Complete Data of Soundings in zipped Excel Worksheets - 791 KB

GIF files showing the results of the 7 soundings - 205 KB


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