Seismic CPT Soundings in Mud Island, Memphis, Tennessee (March 2000)

GRAs: Billy Camp, Tianfei Liao, Alec McGillivray and Guillermo Zavala

Acknowledgments:   This testing funded by the U.S. Geological Survey and Mid-America Earthquake Center.   The help of Professor Roy van Arsdale is appreciated.

        Mud Island is part of Northwest Memphis, TN. The island, actually now a peninsula, was once a sandbar which has been narrowed by dredging and built up with fill. This artificial riverfront land has since become valuable real estate and has been developed with expensive homes and the Mud Island Park and River Museum located on the southern tip of the island. Because of the uncontrolled nature of the fill, the loose river deposits, and the expensive homes, it is important to evaluate the liquefaction susceptibility of the site. In March of 2000, Seismic Cone Penetration Tests were performed at 5 locations on the island to assess the liquefaction potential of the soils.

truckandbridge.jpg (38385 bytes)

sunset.jpg (36860 bytes)

Cone Truck and I-40 Bridge (site A)

Sunset as seen from site A


Aerial Photograph and Location of Soundings

Sounding results and shear wave profiles



Report Text and Appendix A (Location of soundings) -- 1.11 MB --

Appendices B and C (complete data of soundings and graphs) -- 718 KB --

Appendix D (shear wave profiles) --259 KB --



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