In-Situ Plasma Remediation of Contaminated Soils

GRA: Mingzhan Wu

Funded by the Education, Research, & Development Association (ERDA) of Georgia with Westinghouse/Savannah River Corporation. A portable 500-kW plasma torch system is under development to facilitate downhole magmavication of soils and buried wastes. The process was field proven last year during an ERDA test program in Aiken, SC using a portable 1-MW system operated by Hydro-Quebec and engineered by Bechtel Corporation at the Savannah River Site.  An offgas collection system is patterned after the in-situ vitrification (ISV) process that was used at Oak Ridge National Labs. Three separate trailer systems are included for power supply, water cooling, and offgas collection. In lieu of drilled boreholes, the plasma torch may be placed using a large vibroflot unit, vibratory resonance hammer, or hydraulic pile driver.

January 27, 1998