Geosystems Faculty Activities 2019

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
November Jorge Macedo Professor Jorge Macedo of Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta) will be formally presenting to the Vancouver Geotechnical Society on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 on the topics of "Hazard-consistent assessment of seismically-induced displacements". More information is provided here.
September Paul W. Mayne and J. David Frost Professors J. David Frost and Paul W. Mayne attended the XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering in Reykjavik, Iceland (01-07 Sept 2019). This regional event produced some 675 geotechnical papers on a variety of topics that are available for download here.
June Paul W. Mayne In June 2019, Dr. Paul W. Mayne participated in the International Symposium on GeoTest Sites in Oslo (ISGTS) where some 31 papers were presented concerning the establishment, conduct, and findings of in-situ testing, geophysics, and lab testing of various geomaterials across the world. Details on the symposium are posted at the NGI webpage and the summary papers are online at AIMS Geosciences webpage.


Geosystems Faculty Activities 2018

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
October Jorge Macedo and Paul W. Mayne Two studies from Geo Society faculty members have been honored as the "editor's choice" selection. Dr. Macedo's work on building settlement caused by soil liquefaction is selected as the editor's choice in the November 2018 issue of the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. Dr. Mayne's study with graduate student Zhongkun Ouyang using penetrometer testing to determine the strength of clays appears as the editor’s choice in the September 2018 Canadian Geotechnical Journal. Check the news here.
February Paul W. Mayne Professor Paul W. Mayne attended the fourth international symposium on cone penetration testing (CPT’18) in Delft in June 2018 along with a current GT PhD student – Zhongkun “Frankie” Ouyang, and alumni from GT Geosystems Engineering: Dr. Shehab Agaiby, Dr. Jason DeJong, Ethan Cargill, Dr. James Schneider, and others. The proceedings for all four symposia are available at: here.
June David Frost Professors David Frost and Paul Mayne attended the 5th Conference on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering & Soil Dynamics (GEESD-V) held at the University of Texas – Austin in June 2018. The event was attended by some 450 participants and included the keynote H. Bolton Seed Medal lecture by Prof Steve Kramer of the Univ. Washington in Seattle.


Geosystems Faculty Activities 2014

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
February All Georgia Tech will be hosting the “technical tour” during the 2014 ASCE GeoCongress on 26 Feb 2014: Wednesday evening: 4 – 8 p.m. Attendees will be given the opportunity to visit the newly renovated Civil Engineering “Mason” Building where the 8 full-time geotechnical faculty display their research laboratories and the Sowers Soil Mechanics Teaching Laboratory. Also, tours can be taken of the nearby 2012 G. Wayne Clough Center on the GT campus. Dr. Clough is an alumnus of GT (BS’64, MS’65) who received his PhD from UC-Berkeley’69 and was a professor of geotechnical engineering at Stanford and Virginia Tech where he became Dean of Engineering. He returned to GT as President (1994-2008) and is now the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. Details on registration can be found on ASCE Geo-Institute website here.
February Paul Mayne The 2014 Jennings Lecture will be given in February 2014 to the South African Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE) by Professor Paul W. Mayne at the following cities: Capetown, Durban, and Johannesburg. Details can be found here.
January Paul Mayne Dr. Mayne will be lecturing at the “CPT Seminar for Geotechnical Analysis and Mining Applications” that will be given in Lima, Peru on 18 January 2014. Details on registration can be found on Conetec's website here.


Geosystems Faculty Activities 2013

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
September Susan Burn, David Frost, Carlos Santamarina, and Paul Mayne Professors Susan Burn, David Frost, Carlos Santamarina, and Paul Mayne attended and participated in the 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering that was held at the Palais des Congress in Paris, France from 01-05 September 2013. The ICSMGE was a great success with 2306 participants representing 96 countries. Details can be found at: here
July Chloe Arson On July 12, Dr. C. Arson chaired a session on "Constitutive modeling of damage and healing in porous media" at the 5-th Biot conference on poromechanics, held in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Arson's lab contributions concentrated on the thermodynamic framework needed to model anisotropic damage in geomaterials, thermo-mechanical crack opening and closure in rock, and coupled damage and plastic processes around nuclear waste disposals.
June Haiying Huang On June 24 - 26, Dr. Huang co-chaired the session of "Experimental Rock Mechanics - Shale and Mudrock" and organized student activities at the annual symposium of ARMA in SFO.
June Paul Mayne Paul Mayne gave seminar lectures to the AGS-Queensland and AGS-New South Wales sections on 13 and 18 June 2013. Paul also participated in workshops on in-situ testing in Brisbane and the University of Newcastle. Additional details are given at: here
May Chloe Arson On May 16-31, Dr. C. Arson visited Alaska to start a new research on theoretical modeling of unsaturated soils. The goal of the collaboration is to characterize energy transfers in soils subject to compression, shear, drying and wetting. During her stay at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, she gave a lecture on "Thermodynamics of Rock Damage and Energy Applications".
April Glenn Rix On April 25-28, Dr. Rix participated in the CEE External Advisory Board meeting and annual CEE Alumni Weekend in San Francisco, CA. Activities included a tour of the new west span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, which includes an innovative asymmetrical, self-anchored suspension span.
March Haiying Huang Dr. Huang gave a presentation at the ARMA Forum - "Rheology, Creep and Viscoplasticity: It’s About Time", in Salt Lake City, Utah
March Glenn Rix Dr. Rix presented a lecture on "Field Methods for Determining Near-Surface Shear Wave Velocities" at the Seminar on Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering sponsored by Oregon State University and the Oregon Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, March 23, 2013.
March Paul Mayne The 2-day course on Enhanced In-Situ Geotechnical Testing will be held Monday & Tuesday 18-19 March 2013 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center. This continuing education course provides 1.4 CEUs (14 PDH units), lectures by P.W. Mayne, hard copy notes, a reference CD disk, and free refreshments all day long. Detailed information about the course syllabus and contents, as well as online registration can be found here.
February Paul Mayne The ASCE GeoCongress 2013 will be held 03-06 March 2013 in San Diego on the primary theme of "Stability and Performance of Slopes and Embankments". GT faculty will be attending and participating in this event including paper presentations, technical meetings, and sessions, as well as related social activities here.
February Paul Mayne Dr. Paul Mayne is the guest lecturer for the continuing education course to be given at the Univ. Minnesota CEC on 21 February 2013 on the topic of GeoCharacterization 2013. Details on the agenda and online registration are found here.
February Paul Mayne The annual conference of the Minnesota Geotechnical Society is being held in St. Paul on 22 Feb 2013 with Paul W. Mayne as a invited speaker for the event along with Dr. Rudy Bonaparte of GeoSyntec, Dr. Chuck Dowding of Northwestern, and Prof. T.H. Wu of Ohio State. Details are found here.
January Paul Mayne A series of CPT Seminars will be given in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver in January 2013. The technical lectures are sponsored by ConeTec Investigations and will feature Dr. Paul Mayne.


Geosystems Faculty Activities 2012

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
December Chloe Arson Dr. Arson presented the School of CEE to undergraduate students of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC, France) and interviewed French students applying for a research internship at GeorgiaTech. Two to four selected students will come for three-month research experience in CEE during Summer 2013. Dr. Arson and Dr. L. Kovalchik (CEE Director of Global Development) also met with ENPC faculty and education officers to organize and fund research internships at ENPC for CEE students. A white paper for further institutional partnerships (including coursework) was submitted to ENPC and CEE School Chairs.
December Paul Mayne Dr. Paul Mayne is the instructor of one-day seminars on "Geotechnical Site Characterization in the Year 2012 and Beyond" that will be held at the Marriott Times Square in Manhattan NY on 10 December and at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner VA on 12 December 2012. Details on registration are given here.
December Paul Mayne A one-day continuing education course entitled "Geotechnical Foundation Systems" is offered on Tuesday 18 Dec 2012 at the GT Global Learning Center. This class gives 7 PDHs (0.7 CEUs), hard set notes, complimentary CD reference documents, continuous refreshments all day long, and is delivered by P.W. Mayne. Online registration is found here.
November Glenn Rix On November 27, Dr. Rix attended the Board of Governance meeting at the University of California, Berkeley for NEEScomm, the manager of the NSF-funded Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES).
October Glenn Rix
Chloe Arson
On October 22nd and 23rd, Dr. Rix and Dr. Arson went to Paris (France), in order to meet deans and faculty from two engineering schools: Ecole Centrale de Lille and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. Education and research collaborations were discussed, and Memorandums Of Understanding are currently under signature between the two French schools and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at GeorgiaTech. Faculty from both sides are now working on student exchanges at the undergraduate and graduate levels, possibly for Summer 2013.
October Paul Mayne On October 15th, Dr. Paul Mayne will deliver a lecture to the New York Metropolitan Section of ASCE titled "Geotechnical Site Exploration and GeoEngineering Education Issues in 2012 and Beyond". Details may be found here.
September David Frost
Paul Mayne
The 4th International Conference on Site Characterization (ISC-4) will be held in Pernambuco, Brazil from 17 to 21 September 2012 with Professors David Frost and Paul Mayne attending this momentous event. The conference focuses on in-situ geotechnical and geophysical tests, particularly new developments in CPT, DMT, PMT, SPT, VST, CHT, DHT, SASW, and other methods. Two volume proceedings of some 200 technical papers and keynote talks are prepared by CRS Press/Taylor & Francis Group. Details may be found here.
July Chloe Arson Dr. Chloe Arson was named "ExCEEd 2012 Teaching Fellow" after completing the ASCE-sponsored short course "Excellence in Civil Engineering Education Teaching Workshop". The ExCEEd workshop took place at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, between July 21st and July 27th. Every year, this practicum provides engineering educators with an opportunity to improve their teaching abilities. About 50 applicants are selected, based primarily on the extent to which their individual needs, motivations, and commitment to attend are consistent with the focus of the workshop.
July Paul Mayne At the invite of the International Committee for Geotechnical Education Link, Paul Mayne is an invited keynote presenter for the conference entitled "Shaking the Foundations of GeoEngineering Education" (04-07 July 2012; University of Galway, Ireland) and will discuss the quandary in geotechnics: new vs. old. Current curricula harp too much and overemphasis the laboratory-based approach to understanding soil mechanics, usually in the introductory textbook and often the only exposure to geotechnics given to BS level undergrads in civil & environmental engineering. Details are given here.
June Chloe Arson On June 19th, Dr. Chloe Arson served as a poster jury for a PhD training program at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. Ten selected PhD students from various backgrounds (mechanics, computational engineering, geopolitics) had to prepare a poster and present it in four minutes. This was followed by a critical review on visual and oral communication skills, as well as on the structure of the argumentation. This training program is offered every year to PhD students working in laboratories belonging to Paris-Est University. This was the second time she served in the panel.
June Chloe Arson Between June 8th and June 15th, Dr. Chloe Arson met the deans of international affairs of three French "Grandes Ecoles" in order to initiate research and education partnerships between the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at GeorgiaTech and French engineering schools (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Ecole Centrale Paris, Ecole Centrale Lille). The collaboration proposals will be discussed this summer.
May Carlos Santamarina At the website of Technical, Entertainment, & Design (TED), Professor Santamarina details the course of solving highly complex energy problems, professor of engineering Carlos Santamarina has developed enlightened views on the creative process. He analyzes the creative process, identifies supporting as well as detracting components, and offers strategies on how to sustain life-long creativity. While Carlos Santamarina and his team are focused on geo-centered alternatives, he takes time to analyze the creative process involved in engineering new solutions. As a special chaired-professor, Carlos is a frequent speaker at conferences and academic institutions worldwide. Link.
May Paul Mayne At the 2012 Nordic Geotecnical Meeting held by the Danish Geotechnical Society, Dr. Paul Mayne is the invited keynote speaker on the topic of "Geotechnical Site Investigation in the year 2012". Bulletin
April Carlos Santamarina On Friday 13 April, the 2012 G.A. Leonards Lecture entitled “Understanding Soil Properties and Behavior – Recent Developments” was delivered by Dr. Carlos Santamarina during the Purdue Geotechnical Workshop organized by the Purdue Geotechnical Society in honor of Professor G.A. Leonards.
April Paul Mayne On Tuesday 10 April 2012, Dr. Paul W. Mayne will deliver the annual Ardaman Lecture at the University of Florida, Gainesville. The Ardaman Lecture was established in 1981 and has had many prominent geotechnical engineers from industry and academe as its guest lecturer.
March Carlos Santamarina The 2012 series of the Osterberg Lecture was delivered by Prof. Carlos Santamarina of Georgia Tech on Thursday, March 1, 2012 on the Technological Institute at Northwestern University. The prestigious annual talk was entitled: " Soil Phenomena at the Particle Pore Scale". The lecture series is named after Professor George Osterberg who was a brilliant geotechnical engineer who invented a special undisturbed sampler that bears his name and the recent innovative method of full-scale loading of deep foundations using bi-axial arrangement termed the "Osterberg Cell" or "O-cell", now in worldwide usage. Link.
March Glenn Rix A group of Georgia Tech researchers, including Dr. Glenn J. Rix and graduate student Jason Kraft, recently travelled to Belize for the second of a series of trips with the Caribbean Hazard Assessment Mitigation and Preparedness (CHAMP) center. In all, more than twenty research faculty and students participated in the four-day long visit. Students and faculty met with local organizations including the Central Building Authority, Pan American Health Organization, Rodla Construction Co., the National Meteorlogical Service, the Carribean Community Climate Change Centre, and the United National Development Program. CHAMP is a multi-disciplinary research initiative that was established in 2011 via the support of CEE alumnus Michael Messner and his wife, Suzy. The multidisciplinary project includes civil and earthquake engineering faculty from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, planning faculty from the School of Architecture, faculty from the Health and Humanitarian Logistics (HHL) center, along with select students from each of these areas. Sub-projects within the center include: hazards assessment; infrastructure inventory; building codes; building materials, recycling, and use of local materials; disaster preparedness plans; debris management; and vulnerability index.
March Paul Mayne The popular 2-day short course “Enhanced In-Situ Geotechnical Testing” will be offered at the Georgia Tech GLOBAL LEARNING CENTER on Monday & Tuesday 19-20 March 2012. Details and registration are found at: The course offers 1.4 CEUs (continuing education units) where 1 CEU = 10 PDH (professional development hours).
January Paul Mayne A series of CPT Seminars will be given in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver in January 2012. The technical lectures are sponsored by ConeTec Investigations and will feature Dr. Paul Mayne.


Geosystems Faculty Activities 2011

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
Dec. 9 Paul Mayne The Geotechnical Foundation Systems short course will be offered at the GT Global Learning Center on Friday 09 Dec. 2011. The one-day course offers 0.7 CEUs and is taught by Dr. Paul Mayne.
Nov. 22 Glenn Rix On November 22, Dr. Rix attended at meeting of the Board of Governance of NEEScomm at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.
Nov. 2 Paul Mayne On November 2, 2011, Dr. Mayne gave an invited lecture on Geomaterial Testing & Behavior at Deltares and the Technical Univ. of Delft in Holland. Approximately 120 participants came to the presentation. Dr. Mayne also visited the Markermeer Dikes testing site northeast of Amsterdam to observe full-scale load testing of peats that serve as a natural foundation bearing stratum for many levees and dikes.
Oct. 25 Glenn Rix On October 25, Dr. Rix participated in a meeting in Long Beach, CA of the Project Technical Committee for the Applied Technology Council project to develop "Seismic Design Guidelines for Port and Harbor Facilities." The committee is preparing a work plan for future research by NEHRP agencies in this area.
Oct. 12 Paul Mayne Dr. Mayne will be presenting at the ASCE National Capital Section Geotechnical Executive Committee October 2011 Meeting to be held at McLean, Virginia. Topic - "Geotechnical Site Exploration in the Year 2011 and Beyond".
Aug. 23-26 Dominic Assimaki Presenting at the 4th IASPEI / IAEE International Symposium: Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion. Paper title: Coupled soil-topography amplification effects during the M7.0 Haiti, 2010 Earthquake: The case study of Hotel Montana.
Apr. 5-6 Paul Mayne At the 2011 Geo3T2 annual conference held by the geotechnical engineering division of the North Carolina DOT, Dr. Paul Mayne is the invited keynote speaker on the topic of "Geotechnical Site Exploration in 2011". The program includes plenary meetings and two simultaneous technical sessions during the 2-day event held at the McKimmon Center at NCSU on April 5-6, 2011.
Mar. 24-25 Paul Mayne Dr. Mayne has been invited by the Indiana DOT geotechnical division to deliver a 2-day short course (thru GT DLPE) on "Cone Penetration Testing" in Indianapolis on 24-25 March 2011. The InDOT has recently acquired a CPT cone truck for utilization on their highway projects.
Mar. 21-22 Paul Mayne Dr. Mayne is offering a 2-day continuing education course on "Enhanced In-Situ Testing and Geotechnical Site Characterization" at the GT Global Learning Center on Monday & Tuesday: March 21-22, 2011. Three new sections include: (a) Direct CPT Method for Shallow Footing Evaluations; (b) Epilogue: Cone Penetration Testing CPT'10; and (c) 2009 SOA-1: Geomaterial Behavior & Testing from the 17th ICSMGE -Alexandria, Egypt. Additional details and online registration are found at:
Mar. 15 Haiying Huang Warren Lecture Series, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota
Mar. 9 Glenn Rix On March 9, Dr. Rix presented a seminar at the University of California, Berkeley on the preliminary findings of our reconnaissance trip to Christchurch, New Zealand to document the geotechnical aspects of the February 22, 2011 M6.3 Christchurch earthquake.
Mar. 1-6 Glenn Rix From March 1 through March 6, Dr. Rix participated as a member of the Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) team sent to Christchurch, New Zealand to document the geotechnical aspects of the February 22, 2011 M6.3 Christchurch earthquake.
Mar. Carlos Santamarina 2nd International Workshop on Characterization of Materials with Inherent Micros Structure, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany
Mar. Carlos Santamarina Invited Editor: Santamarina J.C. and Cho G.C. (2011), Energy Geotechnology, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering (March Issue).
Feb. Carlos Santamarina Shaw Lecture, North Carolina State University
Feb. 4 Paul Mayne The Geotechnical Section of Minnesota Dept. of Transportation held a one-day continuing education course at their offices on Friday 04 Feb 2011 that was given by Professor Paul W. Mayne thru the GT DLPE. A total of 32 participants from MnDOT and their engineering consultants attended the event.
Feb. 2 Dominic Assimaki Seminar - Invited Talk: A nonlinear macroelement for dynamic soil-structure interaction analyses of pile foundations in liquefiable soils Virginia Tech, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, February 2, 2011
Jan. Carlos Santamarina Lecture at the University of Pittsburg

Geosystems Faculty Activities 2010

Month Faculty Professional Agenda
Fall 2010 Glenn Rix During Fall 2010, Dr. Rix was a Visiting Scholar at the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE) at the University of Pavia, Italy. Support for Dr. Rix's visit was provided by the Masters in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (MEEES) Program funded by the European Commission.
December 16 Paul Mayne A 1-day short course on Geotechnical Foundation Systems will be offered on Thursday 16 Dec 2010 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center. The course provides 0.7 CEUs (continuing education units) and is taught by Dr. Paul W. Mayne of the Geosystems Engineering group. The 2010 version of the course offers new sections on: (1) Direct CPT method for footing evaluation (a database approach); and (2) Summary of pile capacity methods using CPT. Details and online enrollment are found at:
December Carlos Santamarina Tewkesbury Lecture, U. Melbourne, Australia
November 29 Paul Mayne In honor of their 25th Anniversary, ConeTec will be hosting a CPT gala and workshop at the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel in British Columbia. Dr. Mayne has been invited to give a keynote presentation during the CPT workshop on Monday 29 November 2010.
November Carlos Santamarina Lecture at the University of Sydney, Australia
November Carlos Santamarina Int. Symposium on Methane Hydrate Resources, Tokyo
October 8-9 Glenn Rix Dr. Rix attended "Quake Summit 2010", the annual meeting of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center, in San Francisco, CA on October 8-9, 2010.
October Carlos Santamarina Lecture at Oregon State University, Corvalis OR
October Carlos Santamarina Congreso Nacional, Mendoza, Argentina
October Haiying Huang Seminar at the University of Pittsburgh.
September 30 Paul Mayne At the FHWA CPT User's Group meeting, Dr. Paul Mayne has been invited to give the keynote webinar talk regarding: Epilogue CPT'10 that summarizes the excellent international symposium on cone penetration testing (CPT) that was held at the Hyatt Resort in Huntington Beach California (2010). The CPT User's Group is comprised of approximately 20 US Departments of Transportation that share common interests and experience in CPT on highway projects. It is coordinated by Dr. Naser Abu-Hejleh of the Federal Highway Administration.
September 21 Carlos Santamarina, Susan Burns, Haiying Huang Geotechnical Mini-Symposium Yamaguchi University - Georgia Tech
September Carlos Santamarina Congreso Nacional de Pavimentos, Margarita, Venezuela
September Carlos Santamarina Int. Conf. Unsaturated Soils, Barcelona
Fall 2010 Haiying Huang
  • Schlumberger's Client Advisory Board meeting, Florence, Italy
  • August 8-11 Dominic Assimaki Chaired Session 'Forward and Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation', gave a talk, and served as judge for the student paper competition in Computational Dynamics at the Engineering Mechanics Institute EMI2010 Conference at USC, Los Angeles. 8-11 August
    August Carlos Santamarina Lecture at U.N. Cordoba, Argentina
    Summer 2010 Haiying Huang
  • Site visit in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China
  • GeoShanghai 2010
  • The 44th U.S. Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U.S.-Canada Symposium in Salt Lake City
  • June 8-13 Glenn Rix Dr. Rix traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to perform a series of soil borings at the Port de Port-au-Prince to obtain data that will help us understand the causes of the damage experience by wharf and pier structures as part of an NSF-funded RAPID project.
    June Carlos Santamarina Workshop on Multiscale & Multiphysics Processes in Geomechanics, Stanford University
    June Carlos Santamarina Gordon Research Conference, Natural Gas Hydrate Systems
    Spring 2010 Susan Burns
  • Served on review panel for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  • Traveled to ASCE GeoInstitute Annual Conference: GeoFlorida
  • Traveled to observe/sample deep excavation at Southern Company's Plant Vogtle
  • Served as a judge at the Gwinnett Regional Middle School Science Fair
  • Editing proceedings for the Fifth International Conference on Scour and Erosion, San Francisco
  • May 27 Paul Mayne Dr. Mayne gave a one-day seminar on “GeoEngineering Design Using the Cone Penetrometer Test?to an audience of 60 geotechnical engineers in Guatemala City. The audience reflected geoconsultants, contractors, and agencies in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, and Guatemala. During the “seismic hazards session? coincidentally a magnitude 3.2 earthquake occurred, triggering the nearby Mount Pacaya volcano to spew tephra (black ash) all over the city, thereby shutting down the airport. Dr. Mayne was lucky to leave via the San Salvador airport, just as tropical storm Agatha hit the region, causing massive landsliding, instabilities, and sinkholes and claiming over 150 lives.
    May 9-11 Paul Mayne During the 2nd International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT’10), Dr. Paul Mayne will open the momentous event with a one-hour presentation that summarizes the 9 regional reports that have been prepared for the meeting. The symposium follows the successful 1st IS on CPT that was held in Linkoping, Sweden in 1995. The CPT’10 is being hosted by Dr. Peter K. Robertson and Kelly Cabal in Huntington Beach, California from 9 – 11 May with details on registration and the technical program given at:
    April 13-15 Glenn Rix Prof. Rix attended a planning meeting for Applied Technology Councill Project 76-2 in Redwood City, CA.
    April Paul Mayne In a special series program organized by ConeTec, Dr. Paul Mayne will be giving CPT workshop seminars in Boston, New York, and Norfolk in April 2010. The east coast operations of ConeTec provide cone penetration testing services out of their Berlin, New Jersey office and their Charles City County office in Virginia.
    March 29-30 Dominic Assimaki Invited Speaker at the Workshop on Inverse Problems and System Identification of Geo Systems, Inverse Problem Center at RPI. Title: 'A wavelet-based seismogram inversion algorithm for the in-situ characterization of nonlinear soil behavior' 29-30 March
    March 17-18 Glenn Rix Prof. Rix attended the NEEScomm Board of Governance Meeting in Chicago, IL.
    March 12 Paul Mayne Professor Paul W. Mayne will be giving a special invited lecture on the “Evaluation of Axial Response of Driven Piles by Cone Penetrometer Tests: Recent Methods” during the joint PDCA-DFI Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland on Friday 12 March 2010. The Pile Driver Contractors Association (PDCA) has teamed up with the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) to hold this event at the Baltimore Harbour and details are given at both of their websites: and
    March 4-8 Glenn Rix Prof. Rix attended the NSF-sponsored U.S.-Japan Workshop on Future Directions for Earthquake Engineering Research in Tokyo, Japan.
    February 20-24 Paul Mayne Dr. Paul Mayne will be presenting a paper on the “Evaluation of Soil Parameters from Hybrid Cone Penetrometer-Geophysics Tests” at the upcoming ASCE GeoFlorida 2010 Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida to be held 21-24 Feb. 2010. Dr. Mayne will also be attending technical meetings held by the ASCE Engineering Geology & Site Characterization Committee and the GeoInstitute Conference Coordination Committee (CCC), as well as presenting Prof. Mike Jamiolkowski for the special lecture on the Moses Project.
    February 13-19 Glenn Rix Prof. Rix attended the Willis Research Network Quarterly Meeting on Catastrophe Modeling for Marine Risks in London, England
    February 10 Leonid Germanovich Dr. Leonid Germanovich gave a seminar at the University of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan.
    Jan 24 - Feb 3 Glenn Rix Prof. Rix performed a post-earthquake study in Haiti.
    January 26-27 Paul Mayne Prof. Mayne visited the Plant Vogtle Deep Excavations with Savannah River Site and the DOE Team in Augusta, GA.
    January 14-18 Dominic Assimaki Prof. Assimaki attended a 3-day workshop and meeting at Rice University in Houston, TX
    January 11-13 Glenn Rix Dr. Rix attended the Transportation Research Board Meeting in Washington, D.C.


    Geosystems Faculty Activities 2009

    Month Faculty Professional Agenda
    November 18 Susan Burns Dr. Burns will be the invited speaker at the ASCE GA Section Geotechnical Committee. Her talk will be titled "Performance of Engineered Barriers in Waste Containment Systems".
    October 5-10 Paul Mayne The ISSMGE awarded Paul Mayne the great honor of delivering the SOA-L (State-of-the-art Lecture) on the theme: Geomaterial Behavior & Testing at the upcoming 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE) in Alexandria, Egypt from Oct. 5-10, 2009 ( The presentation is based in part on the SOA-L paper that has been co-authored by Mayne (Georgia Tech, USA), Matthew Coop (Imperial College, UK), Sarah Springman (ETH-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich), An-Bin Huang (National Chiao Tung Univ, Taiwan), and Jorge Zornberg (Univ. of Texas-Austin). The 100-page paper contains some 755 references and 235 figures and graphs. Professor Mayne was joined at the 17th ICSMGE conference in Alexandria by a number of prior Georgia Tech geo-alumni including: Prof. Gihan Abdel-Rahman (Fayoum Univ), Prof. Ronaldo Luna (Missouri Univ. Science & Tech.), Prof. Jason DeJong (Univ. California-Davis), Prof. Yasser Hegazy (Cairo Univ), Prof. Laureano Hoyos (Univ. Texas-Arlington), Prof. Amr Elhakim (Cairo Univ), and Prof. Yu-Hsing Wang (Hong Kong Univ.Science & Technology).
    June 28 - July 1 Glenn Rix Dr. Rix attended the ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering Conference in Oakland, CA.
    June 22-25 Glenn Rix Dr. Rix attended the National Science Foundation CMMI Research and Innovation Conference in Honolulu, HI.
    June 17-22 Paul Mayne Universitat Polit?nica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona hosted a 2-day course on in-situ testing and geotechnical site characterization by seismic piezocone that was delivered by Paul Mayne on 17-18 June 2009. The course was held under the direction of Professor Marcos Arroyo and had 41 attendees. A special Cone Penetration Seminar was held at the Torremirona Resort near the Pyrenees Mountains in Girona, Spain on 22 June 2009. The seminar was hosted by iGeoTest and featured keynote talks by Marcelo Devincenzi and Paul Mayne. Approximately 60 participants attended the CPT seminar.
    June 15-18 Glenn Rix Dr. Rix attended the International Conference on Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering in Tsukuba, Japan.
    May 8 Paul Mayne Dr. Paul W. Mayne has been invited to give the annual one-day seminar for GeoMo 2009 that is scheduled to take place at the Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly Univ. Missouri-Rolla) on 08 May 2009. The topics are focused on geotechnical site characterization by seismic piezocone testing and details on the event are posted at
    March 15-19 Paul Mayne Prof. Paul Mayne is session chair on In-Situ Testing for Foundation Evaluation at the upcoming ASCE-ADSC-PDCA joint International Foundations Conference and Equipment Expo (IFCEE'09) that will be held at the Buena Vista Resort in Orlando from 15-19 March 2009. Details at:
    March 6 Paul Mayne The 2009 Michael O'Neill Lecture on foundations will be given by Dr. Paul W. Mayne by invitation of the University of Houston on Friday March 6, 2009.
    Feb 19-20 Paul Mayne Professor Paul W. Mayne has been invited to give a 2-day seminar on in-situ geotechnical testing and site characterization to the Toronto Section of the Canadian Geotechnical Society on February 19 and 20th.
    Jan 1 Paul Mayne, Susan Burns, Carlos Santamarina, Glenn Rix The group has begun an interesting 4-year geotechnical-geophysical-geochemical-geological study on the puzzling Santee Formation for the Dept. of Energy in South Carolina. The research will review data from 3321 cone penetration tests, 3400 soil test boring, and affiliated field & laboratory data, as well as new testing, analyses, and studies.


    Geosystems Faculty Activities 2008

    Month Faculty Professional Agenda
    Dec. 15 (Monday) Paul Mayne The 1-day continuing education course on Foundation Systems will be held at the GT Global Learning Center. The registration fee includes 0.7 CEUs, course notes, reference documents, and all day continuous break. Enrollment is available online at:
    Oct 13-14 (Monday & Tuesday) Paul Mayne The 2-day continuing education course on Enhanced In-Situ Testing with a primary focus on cone penetrometers will be held at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center. Registration includes 1.4 CEUs, course notes, reference documents, and all day continuous break and can be found online at:
    22-24 Sep Geo Faculty IS-Atlanta: 4th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials -
    15-18 Sep Paul Mayne Professor Paul W. Mayne is an invited keynote lecturer for the 11th Baltic Sea Geotechnical Conference that will be held in Gdansk, Poland on 15 - 18 September 2008. Details are given at:
    01-04 April Paul Mayne Under the organization of the ISSMGE Technical Committee 16 (Ground Property Characterization by In-Situ Tests), the 3rd International Conference on Site Characterization (ISC-3) is now planned for 01-04 April 2008 in Taipei with Call For Papers and Proposals for Sessions now open. Paul Mayne is the chair of TC 16 and An-Bin Huang is the host for the event. Details at:
    18-19 March Paul Mayne The popular 2-day short course entitled "Enhanced In-Situ Testing for Geotechnical Analysis and Foundation Design" will be given by Professor Paul W. Mayne at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center on Tuesday & Wednesday March 18 & 19, 2008. Details on the course outline and online registration are given at:
    15 Feb Paul Mayne At the GeoOmaha conference to be held on 15 Feb 2008 by the ASCE Nebraska Geotechnical Section, Dr. Paul W. Mayne is an invited speaker on the topic: "Evaluation of Soil Parameters from Seismic Piezocone Tests".