Seismic CPT Soundings at ANSS stations. Oct-Nov 2002, June-September 2003

PI: Dr. Paul W. Mayne
GRAs: Alec McGillivray, Tianfei Liao and Guillermo Zavala

Acknowledgments:   This testing funded by the the Mid-America Earthquake Center. We want to thank Charles Langston, Mitch Withers, Chris McGoldrick and John Filipcic for the coordination and organization to allow us access to the test sites .

Seven Seismic Piezocone tests (SCPTu) were performed between October 2002 and September 2003 at sites where permanent ANSS stations are located, around the New Madrid Seismic Zone, in the states of Tennessee and Arkansas. In addition, one cone penetrometer sounding was performed in March 2000 near an additional ANSS station located at Mud Island in Memphis, TN. More accurate true interval seismic data were obtained for the same site in September 2003.

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Testing at Mud Island, Memphis, TN

Testing at Lenox, TN


Summary of soundings

Sounding Date Site Latitude Longitude Depth
      N?/td> W?/td> (m)
MUBB1 05-Mar-00 Close to HDBT ANSS station, Memphis, TN 35.15647 90.05688 30.50
BLST02 18-Oct-02 MORT ANSS station, Mooring, TN 36.32481 89.56696 24.73
GILT01 16-Jun-03 GILT ANSS station, STCC, Memphis, TN 35.23019 89.98315 21.68
COLT01 16-Jun-03 COLT ANSS station, Collierville, TN 35.03836 89.69209 11.82
RDST01 17-Jun-03 RDST ANSS station, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN 35.15775 89.98885 10.63
SHBF01 22-Sep-03 SFTN ANSS station, Memphis, TN 35.35785 90.01882 21.33
GSAR01 20-Sep-03 GSAR ANSS station, Gosnell, AR 35.96172 89.9694 24.10
LNXT01 20-Sep-03 LNXT ANSS station, Lenox, TN 36.10192 89.49125 30.83


Results of the soundings

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Complete Data of Soundings in zipped Excel Worksheets – 1.21 MB

GIF  files showing the results of all the soundings – 412 KB


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