GT Geosystems Alumni in Industry

Name Year Graduated Advisor Current Company
Dr. Jungwhoon Lee 2021 (PhD) Dr. Burns Terracon - Houston, TX
Dr. Yue Xu 2021 (PhD) Dr. Frost Nova Engineering - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Sangy Hanumasagar 2019 (PhD) Dr. Frost, Inc. - Seattle, WA
Dr. Fikret Atalay 2019 (PhD) Dr. Frost Filio Corp - Atlanta, GA
Nicholas Sianta 2019 (MS) Dr. Frost Knight Piesold and Co. - Denver, CO
Ariel Siegel 2019 (MS) Dr. Frost iParametrics - Alpharetta, GA
Dr. Jiaxing Su 2019 (PhD) Dr. Frost Facebook, Menlo Park, CA
Dr. Jie Cao 2018 (PhD) Dr. Frost Golder Associates - Seattle, WA
Dr. Longde Jin 2017 (PhD) Dr. Huang Golder Associates - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Yixuan Sun 2017 (PhD) Dr. Huang Stantec, Phoenix, AZ
Andres Peralta 2016 (MS) Dr. Frost Tensar International Corporation - Atlanta, GA
Abhijeet Chordia 2016 (MS) Dr. Mayne Black & Veatch - Tampa, FL
Dr. Kip Gray 2016 (PhD) Dr. Burns Golder Associates - Atlanta, GA
Nicole Caruso 2015 (MS) Dr. Burns Geosyntec Consultants - Atlanta, GA
Tyler Wood 2015 (MS) Dr. Mayne Ahlberg Engineering - Marietta, GA
Dr. Nortey Yeboah 2014 (PhD) Dr. Burns Golder Associates - Atlanta, GA
Cameron Troxel 2013 (MS) Dr. Burns Whitman, Requardt & Associates - Baltimore, MD
Dr. Fengshou Zhang 2012 (PhD) Dr. Huang Itasca Consulting Group - Minneapolis, MN
Meena Viswanath 2012 (MS) Dr. Mayne Geosyntec Consultants- Columbia, MD
Patrick Callahan 2012 (MS) Dr. Huang Golder Associates, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Andrew Fuggle 2011 (PhD) Dr. Frost Golder Associates - Johannesburg, S. Africa
Dr. Robert Hurt 2011 (PhD) Dr. Germanovich Baker Hughes - Tomball, TX
Dr. Wei Li 2010 (PhD) Dr. Assimaki Rizzo Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Varun Varun 2010 (PhD) Dr. Assimaki Itasca Consulting Group - Minneapolis, MN
Ross Cutts 2009 (MS) Maryland State Highway Administration
Harshad Phadnis 2009 (MS) Dr. Santamarina Cheal Consultants, New Zealand
Dr. Cem Ozan 2008 (PhD) Dr. Germanovich Statoil - Houston, TX
Dr. Pierre Ramondenc 2008 (PhD) Dr. Germanovich Schlumberger - Mexico City, Mexico
Weslie Ross 2008 (MS) Dr. Burns INGETEC - Bogota, Colombia
Dr. J. Alfredo Fernandez 2007 (PhD) Dr. Rix Fugro Consultants - Oakland, CA
Dr. Alec McGillivray 2007 (PhD) Dr. Mayne Ardaman & Associates - Tampa, FL
Tahiru Mawia 2007 (MS) Enercon Services - Atlanta, GA
Emily Corsale 2007 (MS) RungePincockMinarco - Calgary, Canada
Sean Dalton 2007 (MS) US Navy
Matthew Evans 2007 (MS) Construction Materials Laboratory - Jackson, TN
Dr. Ahmad Bayoumi 2006 (PhD) Dr. Santamarina Ardaman & Associates - Orlando, FL
Kimberlie Staheli 2006 (MS) Staheli Trenchless Consultants - Bothell, WA
Dr. Gregory Hebeler 2005 (PhD) Dr. Frost Golder Associates - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Ruiting Wu 2005 (PhD) Dr. Germanovich Chevron - Houston, TX
Dr. Tianfei Liao 2005 (PhD) Dr. Mayne Schnabel Engineering - Rockville, MD
Mehmet Iscimen 2004 (MS) Dr. Frost Geosyntec Consultants - Atlanta, GA
Thomas Casey 2000 (MS) Dr. Mayne SCI Engineering - St. Louis, MO
Rodrigo Valencia 2000 (MS) The DS Brown Company - Atlanta, GA
Dr. James A. Schneider 1999 (MS) Dr. Mayne US Army Corps of Engineers - Minneapolis, MN
JoDee Taylor 1999 (MS) Dr. Mayne Haley & Aldrich - Honolulu, HI
Joseph Kowalski 1994 (MS) Dr. Mayne Kowalski Engineering - Cincinnati, OH
Douglas Brown 1993 (MS) Dr. Mayne AeroAggregates - Alpharetta, GA
Amin Tomeh 1992 (MS) Dr. Mayne Matrix Engineering Group - Tucker, GA